Sanity Snippet: Bike videos #1 & #2

As of October 24, 2021, Sanity Snippets are snapshots of my daily life, those things I’m doing—such as reading, writing, biking, photographing, and gardening—to maintain sanity while living in the most regressive state imaginable. Alabama.

Richard L. Fricks
Chain problems.

I posted this because I couldn’t email this video to customer service, so I sent the rep the link and he viewed it that way. I’d purchased my bike at Walmart in August and it has performed admirably ever since. Until two days ago when the chain came off during a seven mile ride. I reinstalled the chain but to no available. While peddling, the rear wheel would not turn. It seems the rear seven-cog mechanism is swiveling on the axle, preventing the wheel from turning.

On the bright side, I was able to contact the customer service department from a phone number on the bike (and owner’s manual) and was quickly transferred to a helpful rep. The warranty repair process was activated by my detailed reply to the rep’s initial email.

My Genesis model V2100 bike.