Mental Meanderings—A Look-Back at Yesterday (Friday–022423)

Yesterday we moved the carryall it had been sitting on the ground beside the box trailer for well over a year I really dont know how long im not sure it needed to be moved what was the purpose it wasn’t in the way and the platform is built out of steel and treated lumber. By the way, I’m freewriting and dont’ reall ycare to tell you who the we is. Obviously it includes me

And I’ll start a new paragraph here. I was glad we didn’t have to air up the right rear of the old john deere tractor. Snead ag, actually that’s the name of thee company back in 2010 when we built the runway and rented equipment, like a bulldozier and a giant eight wheel tractor pulling pans

I found a pallet and dragged it to the edge of the woods, along the same line as our other equipment including a disc, some call it a cutting harrow I think, there’s also a box blade and a boon, an old inoperable bushhog, the newest one is behind the box trailer which is before we move it beside the carryall. We intend to set the carryall onto the pallet to keep it off the ground.

It takes several minutes to hook the tractor to the carryall. You have to align things just right. Once it is set on the pallet we disconnect the two lower arms and then the top arm. The carryall leans forward with me in between the rear of the tractor and the front, or back, according to your view, of the carryall, thankfully I wasn’t hurt. I have jon stand along the back edge to balance it. We obviously have not centered the carryall on the pallet. It’s off by a little less than jon’s weight. I make my way out of the bind and move the tractor forward a few feet. I walk to the fire ring further east of the farm equipment and grab two pieces of firewood and insert under the front, or back, according to your view, of the carryall. This provides the needed balance and the job is complete.
I return the tractor to the barn and now don’t remember what I was thinking, nor do I recall what I was thinking as we were engaged in the task.

We wait in the barn, the task complete, I’ve already said the latter. Jared at johnson’s builders should call sometime today—that’s yesterday—declaring he has our metal order. The day before yesterday I had called and order enough metal to cover the rear wall, eighteen feet by 109 1/2 inches of the smoker room at the restaurant. When it was built, early 2013, we used cedar and never sealed or painted it (not sure if you paint cedar wood), and now it is in poor condition, a couple of lower runs are nearly rotten. Our intent is to improve that back wall with the berry colored metal.

Last night I dreamed that I’d bought some type of watch, it certainly wasn’t an Apple watch because it wouldn’t do anything but play some little short song when you pressed a side button. Why robin, a friend from law school in the early 90’s was there asking me what all the watch would do and where I’d purchased it, I don’t know. I vaguely recall a mobile home supplier had something to do with it, or was it an automobile junk yard.

I know, my freewriting will be hard to read. I bet it does a poor job of capturing what all was going on in my head yesterday. Disclaimer. These are my thoughts this morning of a small portion of yesterday’s activities and thoughts. I’m not sure if their totally accurate, some may simply be the slant I’m superimposing on them today.

Try freewriting. And by the way. The capitalization at the beginning of each sentence is done automatically as I write this in scrivener and that I I just wrote is the same. But, I’m adding some punctuation.

Oh well freewriting I’m not adding punctuation here but you do see the I in I’m was automatic

enough enough

Author: Richard L. Fricks

Former CPA, attorney, and lifelong wanderer. I'm now a full-time skeptic and part-time novelist. The rest of my time I spend biking, gardening, meditating, photographing, reading, writing, and encouraging others to adopt The Pencil Driven Life.

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