Read to Death blog is now private

To read my private blog, Read to Deathclick here and request access.

The blog’s goal is share how reading leads a person to discover & dispel false opinions & beliefs, and to replace them with the truth.

This is a membership blog where I share my reading on a number of topics, including politics (sparingly), religion, and science.

The main question Read to Death attempts to answer is whether there is sufficient, credible evidence the Christian God exists. For the first sixty years of my life I would have answered with a definitive yes. Now, some eight years later, my response is the opposite, a definitive no.

However, I remain willing to change my mind when presented with sufficient, credible evidence. This is why reading, researching, relating, and recording is vital when one’s guiding star is following the evidence whereever it leads.

Author: Richard L. Fricks

Former CPA, attorney, and lifelong wanderer. I'm now a full-time skeptic and part-time novelist. The rest of my time I spend biking, gardening, meditating, photographing, reading, writing, and encouraging others to adopt The Pencil Driven Life.

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