The Case of the Perfectionist Professor

My sixth novel and the first in the Connor Ford series.

Late on New Year’s Eve in the small town of Boaz, Alabama, Snead State Community College teacher Adam Parker was found dead slumped over in his car. A preliminary investigation indicated the fifty year Biology professor died of a heart attack.  Marissa Booth, Adam’s daughter and Vanderbilt School of Divinity professor, didn’t agree.

Four days later, Marissa hired the local private detective firm of Connor Ford to investigate her father’s death.  She declared her father had likely been murdered by local police officer Jake Stone.  She pointed Ford to a multi-month Facebook feud between Adam and several local people, including Stone and Boaz City Councilman Lawton Hawks.  The controversy allegedly related to Adam’s research that contended that, in layman’s terms, long-term indoctrination caused actual genetic mutations that directly affected future generation’s ability to reason.

Over the course of the next year Connor Ford discovered multiple and seemingly independent sources of motivation to quiet and possibly murder the controversial professor.  Ford learned that a civil lawsuit and widespread public outcry had effectively run Adam out of Knoxville where he was a Biology professor for over thirteen years.  Ford also learned that Adam had become the number one enemy of Roger Williams, a self-made local businessman, and his son Alex, who is a Republican candidate for governor of Alabama.  Adam had discovered Alex and Glock, Inc., the Austrian based gun manufacturer, were exploring not only the possibility of setting up a large facility in Boaz, but also supplying pistols for Alex’s highly tauted and controversial ‘arm the teachers’ proposal.

Connor Ford has his hands full enough with these suspects.  Add in his need to determine whether Lawton Hawks and Jake Stone are friend or foe of Roger and Alex, accentuates the pressure no normal small town private detective can handle.  

Will Connor’s discovery there is a link between Dayton, Tennessee and the 1929 Scopes Monkey trial and a rouge group of CIA operatives bend Connor and his two associates to the breaking point?

Read this mystery/thriller to find out if Adam Parker was murdered and how, and what role, if any, the long-standing controversy between science and religion had in destroying the life of a single perfectionist professor.



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