The Boaz Stranger

A widowed law school professor and an unhappy housewife. A chance reunion to discover who killed their high school friend half-a-century ago. Will their investigation lead to love?

Lee Harding is a sixty-six-year-old Yale Law School professor still grieving the suicide of his wife almost a year ago. The surprise discovery of her well-hidden diaries rekindles thoughts of the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of his best high school friend in December 1969.

Prompted by a request from his in-laws for legal help, Lee returns to his hometown in North Alabama. He cannot resist investigating his wife’s secret recordings.

Lee encounters Lillian for the first time in half-a-century. She’s the high school girlfriend who dumped him for Ray Archer, the man Lillian now despises. Plus, she believes he was not only a criminal in high school, but is still involved in illegal activities.

Lee and Lillian team up to discover the truth. Will they bring Ray to justice? Will they rekindle the love that’s lain dormant for fifty years?

If you like interesting characters, the unveiling of long-buried secrets, and kick ass amateur sleuths, you’ll love this whodunit/romance novel by Richard L. Fricks.

Buy The Boaz Stranger to read Richard’s tenth mystery set in his hometown of Boaz, Alabama.

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