The Boaz Seeker

“Am I here by accident or design?”  Twelfth-grader Cullie Sims daily ponders.  She’s always been haunted by the circumstances of her conception.  Finally, something positive will result from the vicious rape her mom suffered sixteen years ago at the hands of five local men.  Cullie’s now-deceased biological father is leaving her a million dollars.  But, not if half-sister Riley Radford gets her way.  Two violent assaults upon Cullie makes Riley’s threat perfectly clear:  “You will forfeit you’re inheritance or I’ll reveal incriminating evidence, enough to send your mother to prison for life.”

Three years ago, in The Boaz Schoolteacher, Katie Sims conspired with best friend and co-teacher Cindy Barker after she was raped and impregnated by assistant principal Patrick Wilkins.  The two high school English teachers perfectly executed their ‘Six Red Apples’ plan, extracting revenge upon the half-dozen perpetrators, including kidnapping, killing, and concealing Wilkins.  Perfect is not always perfect.  The Wilkins apple had a worm: Riley’s hidden audio-recorder.   

Whether Cullie’s here by accident, design, or neither, how far will she go to protect her mom?



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