The Boaz Scorekeeper

Micaden Lewis Tanner grew up on a farm in the Arona Community outside Boaz, Alabama. He was an excellent student and football player at Boaz High School but failed miserably on the basketball court. Needing something to do after his Sophomore football season, he became the scorekeeper for the basketball team. This gave him an excuse to avoid farm work and the opportunity to renew his elementary school friendships with the Flaming Five.

These five guys, all members of prominent Boaz families, knew nothing but a life of privilege and the sweet sound of net. They broke every school record including having two team members–James Adams and Randall Radford–awarded scholarships to Auburn University.

But, before the next phase of life could begin, all their lives eternally changed on May 25, 1972 during their High School graduation party at Club Eden on Aurora Lake.

Over the next 79 years, Micaden would experience how power, money, and corruption could protect its owners, and prevent or delay justice from ever seeing daylight from the dark halls of the criminal justice system. Undeterred, Micaden modified and mastered the lessons and skills he learned on the farm and at the basketball score-table, to find creative ways to mete out justice and forever remain The Boaz Scorekeeper.

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