The Boaz Scholar

Precocious Chicago teenager Mia Hudson is growing up to love the marvels of science.  But, a one-year move to Boaz, Alabama reveals a world trapped in another age, one filled with Christian fundamentalists and female jealousy.  
After agreeing to tutor star football player Adam Brown, Mia is brutally assaulted.  The attack in the girls P.E. dressing room leaves Mia with nightmares of dying and a steeled determination to bring her five female attackers to justice.

This is before she started falling for the stunningly handsome Adam Brown, and before chief instigator and preacher’s kid Jessica Miller is kidnapped by a rapist/murdering parolee.

Read this story to learn how Mia uses her love for mankind and her scholarly mind to solve a thousand piece puzzle while local law enforcement is just opening the box.  

And, to experience a once-in-life teenage love story.



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