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For sale: The Q, a fully-equipped, ready to operate, BBQ restaurant

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If you love great barbecue and have dreamed of owning your own restaurant, wait no longer.  Come visit a unique, fully-equipped, fully-furnished, and fully-functional operation located in a renovated building.  The facility is located at 106 South Main Street in old downtown Boaz, Alabama, and is known as The Q.

The Q building was originally built in the 1930’s as the home of The Sand Mountain Bank (you’ll love the walk-in vault); thus, it was built to last.  In the last few years it has had extensive renovation and improvements, having been (in 2013) converted from a law office to a restaurant.  The building is heated and cooled by two electric units: one for the dining room, the other (less than three years old) for the kitchen.  Other improvements include: all new plumbing and wiring, front awning, metal roof, and firewall.  The building is beautiful, sound and stout. 

The Q contains approximately 2,200 square feet, 960 of which serve as a 75-seat dining room (complete with tables and chairs) with exposed brick walls.  The remainder of the space houses a small office, two restrooms (one for customers; a separate one for employees), a mop sink/cleaning supply storage area, an electrical-supply room, a dry-food storage area (aka, the vault), the kitchen, and the smokehouse.

The smokehouse occupies only 180 square feet along the rear of the building but is the operation’s vital core.  The smokehouse is the engine that powers the restaurant with its Lang  smoker and separate Lang grill (for more information, see www.langbbqsmokers.com).  The smoker is Lang’s 108 deluxe model, often used for competition cooking.  The 108 uses the reverse-flow method for producing the best barbecue anywhere: offset smoking using only natural hardwoods.  The 108 can easily hold 40 to 50 large butts on its four pull-out racks.  The separate Lang chargrill utilizes hardwood or charcoal as its direct heat source to grill boneless chicken, burgers, steaks, etc.  Many of our customers have commented (written comments available) that The Q produces the best barbecue they have ever eaten.  Our secret: hardwood.  There is no substitute for the moist, tender, and taste of traditional barbecue.

The kitchen is fully-furnished with a nearly new fry station/hood system including three, two-basket electric fryers, and one flattop. As an aside, one of our most popular products is Q Fries: fresh cut, skin-on, and never-frozen potatoes sprinkled with Q Magic (our creation), along with our house-made Sweet-Heat Sauce, topped with Slow-Smoked Boston Butt, and a few other secrets.  The kitchen also contains:  a three-hundred pound capacity ice-maker, a large, upright warming cabinet, two, triple-compartment sinks and another large sink next to the fry station, one, three-door cooler, five single-door coolers, an electric stove (mainly for cooking sauces), two convection ovens, one vacuum-packing machine, one standard six-bay steam table, three mobile, tabletop steamers, one refrigerated prep table, five stainless tables, two microwaves, one, single-door freezer, and more than enough pots, pans, glasses, plates, bowls, utensils, and kitchenware/devices to operate a busy restaurant.  This isn’t an exhaustive list.

The Q building comes with two large-screen TVs for the dining room and one Square Stand complete with Apple iPad for accepting credit and debit cards.

Priced at $239,900.

For a separately negotiated fee, buyers can acquire The Q’s unique recipes (for slaws, baked beans, potato salads, our slow-smoked ‘Super-Q’ beans (includes three different beans and slow-smoked Butt, etc.), and our slow-smoking techniques.  An example of the latter: it takes 8 to 9 hours to properly cook a Boston Butt on the Lang smoker.  There are multiple steps required to achieve the perfect result.  There is a key to reaching 195 degrees without drying out the meat.

We would be honored for you to visit The Q.

If interested, contact Richard by calling 256-557-0517, or emailing richardfricks@gmail.com.

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