God and Girl

My first novel.

The life of fourteen-year-old Ruthie has been as common and uneventful as most any other teenage daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher. Ruthie’s father, Joseph Brown, has been lead pastor of First Baptist Church for fifteen years. Ruthie has always been devoted to her father, her family, and her faith. Then, she falls head over hills in love with Ellen Ayers.

The summer before Ruthie’s 9th grade year, Ellen moved with her parents from Chicago to Boaz where her mother will teach Biology at Boaz High School.

Ruthie and Ellen’s relationship blossoms quickly into a once in life love despite Ruthie’s love and respect for her father, and her deep devotion to God.

Ruthie and Ellen’s curiosity and imagination propels their relationship far beyond teenage romance, taking them onto a journey exploring Christian Fundamentalism and Evolutionary Science, ultimately finding new truths in unexpected places.

Ruthie and Ellen’s attraction and love was instant the moment they met.  However, their journey to understand the world–churches, gays, pastors, Christians, and even a pre-human species–took nearly two years, dozens of late night Biology study sessions, and three fateful trips to Mentone, Alabama.

The new truths and deeper understanding didn’t change one essential thing.  From the beginning, Ruthie and Ellen both knew their love was forever and always.

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