Fiction Writing School

You are never too old to learn: reading and writing fiction will transform your life. It did mine.

I’m 68 and self-published my eleventh novel during late-fall 2021. These past seven years of fiction writing have reenforced my belief that Ursula K. Le Guin spoke truth when she observed, “storytelling is a tool for knowing who we are and what we want.”

Do you want to learn more about the craft of fiction writing? Even if you are a beginner?

If you answered yes to either or both questions, visit the Fiction Writing School (but read the WARNING first).


Going back to school is like drinking water from a fire hose (cliche, yuck). You’ll come close to drowning, especially if you don’t step aside after a short drenching. Here’s my advice: discriminate; choose what interests you; and select what inspires you to pick up a pencil and start writing. In sum, don’t do like I did and spend years reading and studying about fiction writing before starting my first novel.

Want to know what it’s like to write a novel?

Read this article: How to finish a novel: tracking a book’s progress from idea to completion

And, this one from John Steinbeck’s diary to learn how he struggled while writing The Grapes of Wrath. How Steinbeck Used the Diary as a Tool of Discipline, a Hedge Against Self-Doubt, and a Pacemaker for the Heartbeat of Creative Work

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