Book coaching services for beginning novelists

Especially yours!

“I want to write a book but I don’t know where to start.” Is this a question you’ve pondered more frequently as time has gone by?

Maybe you’ve already designed your primary writing space. Or, maybe writing is the furthermost thing from your mind. Either way, I encourage you to read my blog: Write to Life. Writing can change your life for the better. It did mine.

Book Coaching services:

I provide coaching services to beginning novelists.

  • Currently, coaching is by phone and/or online.
  • Hours available: 1 pm to 7 pm central time.
  • Days available: Monday thru Friday (weekends, by special arrangement).

Each session includes:

  • Pre-coaching consultation via email;
  • One hour of advance reading, editing, evaluation of materials and/or email exchange (prior to coaching);
  • One hour private one-on-one coaching session by phone and/or online.


One session: $119; 2-9 sessions: $109/session; 10+ sessions: $99/session. 

Special 4-pack:

  • Pre-coaching consultation via email;
  • Four 30-minute sessions of coaching, two weeks apart;
  • For each session: 30 minutes advance reading, editing, and/or evaluation of your materials (prior to coaching);
  • Total cost $299;
  • Great for accountability and getting started on a project!

Coaching from A to Z: I offer an affordable fixed price for those who want to go from idea to ‘in your hand’ self-published book.

Free Initial Consultation:

To determine if my book coaching services are right for you, I offer a free, 30 minute, initial consultation.

Please don’t let, “I can’t afford this,” stop you. I reserve a limited number of spots for those with a writing passion who have little discretionary funds. If you are this person, I’m more than willing to base your fees on your ability to pay. Again, your passion and determination to write your first novel are paramount.

Book your appointment now. I prefer weekdays, in the afternoon, but will accomodate mornings if you’re otherwise conflicted.

After you submit your request, I will be in touch to either confirm, or to reschedule.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Book your appointment now

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